My list of clients include businesses in beauty care, dry cleaning, high-tech manufacturing, real estate, and e-commerce.

Most of them started out with little or no experience with Internet Marketing. With my help and my coaching, their businesses performances quickly improved.

Below, they share their experiences working with me:

“It has been a pleasure to have worked with Peter Nguyen in developing the marketing strategies for my company, Junction Realty Corporation. The number of visitors coming to our website have increased 10 fold and our business has increased thanks to Peter Nguyen’s expertise in internet marketing. I would recommend any small business owners to get Peter’s book and learn his Internet Marketing secrets if you want to build your Internet presence and attract more customers!”
Matt Lee, Managing Partner

“I am impressed with Peter Nguyen’s knowledge of online marketing. After optimizing our Google Maps business listing, our website rockets to the #3 position on Google search within just a few days. That’s incredible!”
Bien Vo, Vice President of Sales

“Peter Nguyen has been a great help to us. We have a retail website, as well as two brick and mortar stores in very high traffic locations. He has introduced us to a large variety of advertising venues, from press releases to feeds to magazine writing, helped us re-design our site to be more user friendly, analyzed our traffic and advised us where else to advertise, set up youtube and facebook accounts, and shown us how to use a variety of other social media, helped us with our SEO, shown us how to understand our advertising campaign results in many ways, and I could go on and on.

We feel fortunate to have found him!”
Lucia Howard

“I am so happy I met Peter. He has designed a beautiful website for my business. Because of all the Internet marketing efforts he has done for our business, we have been getting lots of new customers who find us on the Internet. And best of all, these internet marketing methods haven’t cost me any money!”
Ava Thanh

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